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Production, Service and Commercial Company MIDO® Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1991 by two partners, and from the first letters of their surnames received its name (Mirski, Donica).

From the very beginning MIDO® pursued its goal of maintaining stored in the name of the character of production – service – commercial, and every sector of the business was, and is maintained and developed.

The company has consistently built and developed on the basis of equity, implemented by new products that meet the expectations of our customers and the broad cooperation with national research centers and research.

MIDO® specializes in the production of products for underground mining, having in its production program most of the materials needed for anchoring underground workings and the strengthening thereof and materials to perform the casing supporting the workings and caverns mines.

These products have the appropriate certificates and certificates issued by authorized the issuance of units to support the safety of their use in underground mines.

Production of these products is based on the innovative solutions developed by the company MIDO®. These products are particularly: the grid MIDO® type, strut MIDO® type and a mineral binder MD type.Those products enjoy a very good reputation growing popularity.

The services are primarily the implementation of technical advice connected with designing reinforcements excavations and consolidation of the rock mass. Trading activity is manifested mainly by carrying out wholesale sales of steel products and real estate.

Flexible approach to customers’ needs and the ability to understand the situation in which there are companies operating in the mining market meant that we are now a serious and recommended partner, constantly expanding its range of manufacturing, services and trade.