MD-30 binding is a powder-based mineral material in ready for use state. In the workplace conditions it only need to be mixed with adequate amount of water.

MD-30 binding characterise with:

  • Short time of binding – it’s start to bind after 30 – 40 minutes and the end of binding process it’s finish after 3 – 4 hours.
  •  Fast growth of durability
  •  Great final durability,  approximately 45 MPa after 28 days.
  • Softening factor is 0,97


Due to its characteristics MD-10 binding is intended to be used in construction and mining industry, among other things in:

  •  Constructing element of the floors, foundations and walls
  • Binding, isolation and sealing of ground and rock mass
  • Constructing all sorts of dams
  • Constructing of high durability excavation heading supports
  • Filling up and building up free spaces
  • Making of mortar and concrete for immediate repairs
  • Fastening of appliances with construction elements to rock mass or foundations
  • To toughen the rock mass with metal and plastic support elements


In addition, binder type MD-30 is:

● non-flammable,

● water resistant (including aggressive groundwater)

● non-toxic,

● very small leaching of heavy elements (<2 ppm), therefore, does not present a hazard to water pollution,

● very low radioactive elements (10kbk.kg) similar to the natural content in the earth’s crust.

Properties of the MD-30 depends on the water/powder (w/p) ratio.


The product is certified with the B sign of safety issued by GIG in Katowice (Central Mining Institute in Katowice)


P.P.U.H. MIDO Sp. z o.o. offers complete advice on the use of products and technologies.


It is possible to inject MD-30 mineral binding after mixing with adequate amount of water by thick masses pumps or apply to holes in special paper covers. It can also be used in traditional ways. According to requirement MD-10 binding can be mixed with chippings like: sand, gravel, ground clinker etc.


Binder MD-30 is a safe material, not causing any threats to life and health of workers if follow the fallowing conditions:

● during contact with a binder use complete work clothes, gloves, goggles and masks,

● compliance with safety regulations and safety recommendations given by the manufacturer,

● training of the crew in the correct transport, storage and application methods.


Binder MD-30 is packaged in 20 kg multi-layer bags stacked on wooden pallets weighing 1 ton. Bags on the pallets are foiled.

Each package has a label products, which includes: the manufacturer’s name, product name, date of manufacture, the warranty period, a sign informing about the risks, Health and Safety, purpose, properties, preparation and method of use and the way the complaint.

Shelf life

Shelf-life for use up to 6 months from the date of production.

The storage conditions

The product should be stored in a dry place, protecting against the effects of atmospheric factors.